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{Legal Requirements and FAQs}

Who can get married in Australia?


Any person aged 18 years or older who is not currently married can marry.

A person between 16 and 18 can marry, provided the other party to the marriage is at least 18. Two people under the age of 18 cannot marry one another.


Before they can marry, a person 16 or 17 years of age must obtain a court order from a judge or magistrate allowing the marriage and written consent from both parents.

What legal paperwork must be done before getting married?

You must complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form (NOIM) and lodge it with the celebrant, minister or registrar who will perform the marriage.

You must lodge the NOIM at least one calendar month and no more than 18 months before your chosen wedding date.

Can I get married less than one month after lodging my NOIM?


Only under exceptional and limited circumstances, as prescribed by the Commonwealth Marriage Act 1961 and Marriage Regulations 1963.  You will need to apply for a shortening of time.

What do I need to fill out the NOIM?


For those born in Australia

- Your birth certificate OR

- Passport

- Photo ID

For those born overseas

- Your birth certificate or extract translated in English OR

- Overseas passport (can be expired but not cancelled)


- If you have previously been married - A certificate of divorce or a certificate of death

- If one of the parties is underage, court approval and parental consent are required.


What if we are from overseas?


You will need to complete the NOIM and have it witnessed by an Australian Consulate official in your country. As per the timing requirement, you must provide the form to me no later than one month prior to your marriage ceremony. You can email it to me and then bring the original with you when you arrive in Australia.

​​What if my partner is from overseas on a prospective spouse visa?

I can provide a letter stating that you have lodged your NOIM with me for your application support to the Immigration Department for your spouse's visa.

Are witnesses required at a wedding?​

You must have two witnesses, at least 18 years of age,  to witness the ceremony and sign the marriage certificates.

How much does a marriage celebrant cost?​

Authorised Marriage celebrants are entitled to and can set their own fees for any services they provide. Each celebrant can set their own fees based on the services they provide.

It is important that both parties are happy with the services and fees before committing to booking the celebrant. Most will require a booking fee to hold your date and time of wedding, and often, there will be a non-refundable portion of your total fees. A professional celebrant should always have a formal and clear statement of fees that lists their services and payment terms.

Celebrants pay a lot of expenses for their training, compulsory professional development, office equipment, stationery, wages, advertising and other sundry expenses.  A personalised ceremony will require a lot of hours to research to ensure you will get your perfect ceremony.  Celebrants often invest a lot of financial, emotional and physical work into preparing your ceremony.  I encourage you to choose a celebrant based on the quality of his/her service rather than fees. Your ceremony is the heart and soul of your day - make sure you choose an attentive professional celebrant with strong attention to detail, friendly and extremely resourceful.

Contact me at 0433 131 796 or trancelebrant@gmail for more information.

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